Thursday, 24 November 2011

Featured Author - Ann Barton Langley

Alan DearlingAnn Langley loves to write. Her pen name, Ann Barton Langley includes Barton, her maiden name, which is a big part of who she is.

She has written poetry for as long as she can remember, but on retiring as a Dental Nurse, she decided to go to a creative writing class, and joined a local group.

One of her first challenges was to write a short story based on a piece of poetry. She started writing and couldn’t stop, and so her first novel, Millie’s Lyme, was born. Millie’s Lyme is set in and around Lyme Regis, Dorset.

She has since written a number of short stories and a host of poetry - several of which have been published, and the rest are in the process of being collated into a small book which she hopes to publish at a later date. Somewhere amidst this she wrote the sequel to Millie’s Lyme, which will be published in 2012.

Although Ann was born and brought up in Somerset, the Dorset coast is one of her favourite areas.

You can read an excerpt from Millie’s Lyme and contact Ann by visiting her website at:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stock Deliveries

Over half of my deliveries from Bertrams sent by Yodel (DHL) fail to arrive the next day. They are either put on the wrong van at Yeovil or delivered to the wrong address.

The latest example was an order that was supposed to arrive last Friday. It was delivered to a shop seven miles away. The shop reported the problem to both Bertrams and Yodel.

The situation was not helped by the fact that the tracking link that was supplied by Bertrams was out of date which made it look as if Yodel had not updated their tracking information. It was only later in the day that I realised that there had been a problem when I inputted the parcel number directly on Yodel's site.

I contacted Bertrams by phone and Yodel by email. To date, I've had no response from either.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Featured Author - Alan Dearling

Alan DearlingAlan Dearling is the author of The Friendly Invasion. All his life he has written articles, books and helped other people publish their works. He has been a youth worker, social worker, university researcher and a publisher. He is currently a director on the boards of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society and the Copyright Licensing Agency.

Alan lives in Eyemouth in the Scottish borders and enjoys a pint or three of traditional, alcoholic apple juice. He lived for over fifteen years in Lyme Regis and five years in Teignmouth where much of the action in The Friendly Invasion takes place. Alan can be contacted through his website

Monday, 4 April 2011

Featured Author - Wentworth M Johnson

Wentworth M JohnsonWentworth M. Johnson is a Canadian writer. He was born in March 1939, Cambridgeshire, England. He is the great grandson of William Edward Bourne 1851-1925 (playwright, dramatist and theatrical producer).

His early career was with the Royal Air Force working with the Ghurkha regiment reclaiming Borneo after it had been invaded by Indonesia and later as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit, chasing pirates in the South China Sea. He spent two years in Nairobi on international communications and handed the Small station over to the Kenyan Army.

He moved to Canada after leaving the RAF in 1967 and worked in a lumber factory for a short while. Then spent five years working in a munitions factory and laboratory after a disagreement with the boss walked out and immediately got a job with a local television station and worked there for some twenty-eight years. Took early retirement in the year 2000.

Johnson has published newspaper and magazine articles, as well as a number of fiction and non-fiction books including The Bill Breyner Mystey Series: Fiend's Gold, Mania, Edinburgh Cuckoos, Damp Graves, Lions and Christians, The Canadian, The Dutchman and The Mermaid.

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Friday, 25 February 2011

Delivery delays to USA and Canada

Some packets that would normally be sent by air are now being sent by surface mail. This is because the United States Department of Homeland Security is continuing to require increased security measures for items carried on passenger airlines.

Most items, including personal letters and cards, magazines, CDs, DVDs and lightweight packets, will be delivered in the US within a few days of posting. However, there are delays of about two weeks for some heavier packets.

Friday, 4 February 2011

OFT responds to Amazon 'Price Parity' complaints

The Office of Fair Trading have responded to MEP Graham Watson about the complaint that have been made about Amazon's 'Price Parity' policy:

"...The OFT is aware of the concerns in relation to Amazon's policy. Although the OFT has not yet launched a formal investigation, we are currently considering the issues raised under our powers and in accordance with our priorirtisation principles..."

Also see:
Amazon introduces Price Parity policy

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Amazon seller forums unavailable

Anyone else getting a 'cannot display webpage' when trying to access marketplace seller forums?

I tried viewing the 'Seller Connection' forum this morning and it is still unavailable this afternoon. I can still read Amazon's announcements but there is no mention of this problem. The forums are still available.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Amazon increases shipping fees

Amazon has, without notification, increased the shipping fee from £2.75 to £2.80. I have just tried listing a single book and it looks as if the seller profit is increased by the full 5p. I have updated my Amazon Marketplace Profit Calculator to match, but please use with caution until Amazon make a definitive statment:

Amazon Marketplace Profit Calculator

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